About IME

Who we are:

The Investment Management Exhibition (IME) is a two-day investment event of a special kind. It is a unique symbiosis of conference and exhibition, which will be taking place for the third time in 2018.

What we are offering:

  •  a highly efficient matchmaking platform for project owners and investors in the fields of real estate, ICT, agriculture, industry, logistics and PPPs
  • networking between cities / regions / countries and entrepreneurs for the purpose of company settlement

Who will be there:

Representatives from the public sector (cities, municipalities, regions, states) will meet with entrepreneurs and investors. The focus is on the most innovative and prosperous sectors:

  • Real Estate
  • ICT
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • PPPs

How it works:

Projects are presented mainly by the public sector as part of the conference program as well as on the exhibition space. Investors and entrepreneurs, who form the audience, have the opportunity to get to know a multitude of projects from the relevant industries and potential new locations within a short period of time and to get in direct contact with the project owners. The matchmaking process, however, begins already in the run-up to the event itself, so that in the course of the two days concrete deals can be closed.



The consulting business is also very important for projects and project management at IME 2017. My question to you would be, if you could say like two to three sentences to companies which do have projects, why should they ask you for help or for cooperation?

“We have big experience for public funds and commercial skills. We do big building projects in Germany and my topic is public funds. When you deal with public funds you need reference projects and we have 2 or 3 big reference projects and I think it is easier to get public funds when you have these reference projects.”

Mirko Twardy, Dr. Kakuschke & Partner AG

Can you tell us in few sentences, what makes Kyiv and the projects you have presented here at IME 2017 attractive for investors?

“If we talk about Kiev, Ukraine has made great forms, we need a lot of investments in different fields like transportation, energy efficiency, education, medicine and so on. So we are waiting for investors with concrete projects and we are ready to make concrete proposals. It’s the right time to invest in Kiev and Ukraine!”

Mr. Oleg Svitlychny, Kyiv City State Administration

What would you like to tell investors about your region and the project you have presented here at IME 2017 in two to three sentences?

“I think what we can offer for investors in Germany-Saarland is very unorthodox. We can offer everything from consultancy up to a turnkey solution in a one stop shop. We have our own industrial sites, own real estate, and we also have architects and consultants who can go with the investor every step of the relocation project. And that can help and make a project really cost efficient.”

Sabine K. Lauffer, Invest in Saarland

How would you present your region in China and the projects you have presented here at IME 2017 to investors in two to three sentences?

“We are very happy to be here at IME 2017! Our Hebei province is the only province around the capital Beijing and Tianjin, we have a large market and potential opportunities and the economy is going strong, so we would like to cooperate with German companies and businessmen.”

Hebei Provinz, China

What would you tell investors in three sentences about investment opportunities in Moldova or the projects you have presented here at IME 2017?

“First of all let me say that it has been a pleasure to be at IME 2017. The Republic of Moldova is the gateway from east to west and a crossroad of different cultures, which is why we speak and understand many languages. Furthermore, Republic of Moldova has signed the Association Agreement and Free Trade Agreement with EU Countries, with Turkey but also with CIS countries. So, it gives possibilities to investors to have and enjoy all types of trade incentives created with both eastern countries and western countries.”

Mr. Vadim Ceban, MIEPO,Moldova

What is TOGO presenting at IME?

To promote, I mean, the Togolese investment opportunities and to search for investors, to come and take part in the development of the country too.

N’datou Hodabalo -Togo, Investment Free Zone

What are the expectations of Hong Kong Trade and Development Council at IME?

We, that is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council came here to participate basically with the key objective of meeting a large group of investment.

Michael Ries, Hong Kong Trade and Development Council

Why is Barcelona at IME in Zurich?

Take care and we prospect all the new events that are taking place in our statistics market, in Europe, in Zurich as a city is a place in which we are interested to promote and to explain which the assets of the city of Barcelona are.

Xavier Mayo, Barcelona City Council


At the IME you will meet and learn many case studies on toolkits, success stories and lessons learned from PPP projects all over the world.

Investors are looking for those projects like:

  • Free Trade and Economic Zones
  • Mines
  • Business Park areas
  • Recycling projects
  • Tourism projects
  • Marina projects, Theme Parks, Thermal water projects, Ski Centers
  • Hydro energy projects
  • Infrastructure projects, and other Investment projects.

Meet the PPP Units from around the world.

Countries Investment Opportunities

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