About IME

The Investment Management Exhibition (IME) is a two-day investment event of a special kind. It is a unique symbiosis of conference and exhibition, which will be taking place for the fifth time in 2020 on 24 and 25 March in Frankfurt am Main.


What IME is Offering

We aim through the Investment Management Exhibition (IME) that will take place on a yearly basis in Frankfurt am Main to help to promote better economic and social partnerships and competitiveness of different regions and networking with government bodies, businesses and International Financial Institutions.

• A highly efficient networking platform for project owners and investors in the fields of PPPs, Real-estate, Automotive, Agriculture, Chemical industry, Logistics, Financial services, Energy, Tourism and Hospitality.

• Networking between cities / regions / countries and entrepreneurs for company settlement and attracting foreign direct Investment in economic zones. It is a platform where government uses to showcase investment opportunities and meet investors.

• A Financial Forum, where representatives from the global financial and business community come together to discuss about opportunities and challenges facing Europe and the world.

Who will be there

Decision makers representatives and project managers for the public sector (Mayors, Ambassadors, Consuls, Ministers, heads of Investment Agencies)

• Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and corporate officers
• Investors, banks, other financial service providers
• Representatives of specialized economic associations and Business Clubs
• Service providers such as: project developers, consultants, lawyers, tax specialists

How it works

Projects are presented mainly by the public sector as part of the conference program as well as on the exhibition space. Investors and entrepreneurs, who form the audience, have the opportunity to get to know a multitude of projects from the relevant industries and potential new locations within a short period of time and to get in direct contact with the project owners. The matchmaking process, however, begins already in the run-up to the event itself, so that in the course of the two days concrete deals can be closed.

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Keynote speakers at IME 2020

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    Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation - The Scottish Government

    Ivan McKee was elected MSP for Glasgow Provan in May 2016 and was appointed Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the Scottish Government in June 2018. Brought up in Glasgow Mr. McKee obtained a BSc.BEng in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering from Strathclyde University and an MBA from Newcastle University.

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    Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism - The Schleswig-Holstein Government in Germany

    Dr. Bernd Buchholz, born in 1961, joined the liberal party FDP in 1981. From 1987 to 1990 he held the office of state chairman of the Young Liberals in Schleswig- Holstein and from 1989 to 2007 he served on the executive board of the FDP in Schleswig-Holstein. Bernd Buchholz was a member of the Schleswig-Holstein State parliament from 1992 to 1996.


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    Manager at FDI Center

    Paola Suárez Buhrmann started her professional career in 2010 at ProBarranquilla, a regional investment promotion agency in Colombia, where she worked for over three years in the area of investment promotion. During her time at this agency, she organized and participated in national and international missions to actively promote the Atlantico...

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    Commercial Attaché
    Commercial and Economic Office at the Russian Embassy in Berlin (HWB)

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    CEO of FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH

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    Advisor, Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

    Ivan Andrevski is an advisor in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia – Cabinet of the Minister for Foreign Investments. Mr. Andrevski’s background is in the field of finance and investments, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Financial and Banking Management. He has an extensive experience in attracting foreign investments..

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    CEO at Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency

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    CEO - persönlich + gesellschaftlich + unternehmerisch

    Franka Ismer is a young entrepreneur who has been working in the Future of Work for over five years. Her key subjects are new ways of working with a focus on cooperation and purpose, emotionally intelligent leadership and the development of employees' and teams' potential as well as co-creative and purposeful ways of working. As part of The DO School – a global platform that fosters...

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    Deputy director in Foreign Investment Promotion Agency-FIPA TUNISIA

    She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Bachelor’s degree in International Trade from the International Trade School in Tunisia. Deputy director in FIPA- Tunisia with seven years’ experience on promoting Tunisia as an attractive destination for FDI by providing all the support needed by foreign investors and offering...

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    Director in charge of Industrial sectors at AMDIE - Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE)

    Director in charge of Industrial sectors at AMDIE: Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency. Previously Senior Advisor at the Executive Director’s Office. Senior Investment and Export development professional with 20+ years of direct private and public sector experience across international markets- including Europe, North America...

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    Regional Manager – ECA PPP Transaction Advisory, IFC

    Georgi Petrov heads IFC’s PPP Transaction Advisory for Europe and Central Asia. The Department provides infrastructure advisory services to Governments on structuring and bidding out PPPsin numerous sectors: Power & Renewables, Water, Waste Management, Roads, Agribusiness, Municipal Services and Health.

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    School of Law | City University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong SAR

    Dr. Julien Chaisse serves as PIL Advisory Group’s local liaison for clients and prospective clients in the Asia Pacific region who are interested or engaged in cross-border trade, investment, and other international export and investment transactions in Asia.

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