23-24 September 2024

About select europe investment summit

The Select EUROPE Investment Summit aims to bring more sustainable investment to Europe and to create more job opportunities by promoting the competitiveness of the European Regions (ER) on a global scale. European Regions will be providing guidance, incentives, and a range of other services at the local level for sustainable investment in front of companies of all sizes that are looking to relocate or establish their business within Europe.

The promotion of recovery, green growth, employment, and well-being across Europe is one of the EU’s and the Select EUROPE Investment Summit’s top priorities through supporting investments that deliver real benefits and make a difference at the local level.

A special focus will be put on highlighting and accelerating business incentives within the European Union as well as other 6 European countries which still do not belong to the Union.

Who will exhibit, attend and speak at the summit?

Investment Promotion Organizations (IPAs) / Regional location promotion organizations / Economic Development Organizations

  • Investment Promotion Organizations (IPAs) / Regional location promotion organizations / Economic Development Organizations
  • Family Offices and companies aiming to invest and/or relocate their businesses
  • European Tourism Promotion Agencies
  • Immigration services providers and authorities providing information about business immigration and residence permits (Punkt weg)
  • Experts and professionals from outside the EU planning to work and live in Europe

How and why IPAs are attending Select EUROPE

Regional location promotion organizations / Economic Development Organizations on central, regional, and local level leverage the Select EUROPE Summit to attract sustainable direct investment (SDI) and to present themselves as business location destinations.

Investment Promotion Organizations (IPAs) and Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) will be offering up-to-date information, strategic counselling and platforms for amplifying their investment attraction efforts. Furthermore, IPA representatives will be providing guidance, incentives and a range of other services at the local level for investors. Select EUROPE will also connect businesses with EU resource networks. For example, companies seeking to manufacture and export from the EU also will have access to a network of trade and investment experts from the EU, official representatives as well as the business associations network in all European countries and their representatives’ offices outside of EU.

How Select EUROPE supports Family Office Investors and companies that are looking to invest and/or relocate

Select EUROPE offers support to companies through providing information they need to make decisions and connecting them to the right people on state, regional and local level within the EU. Information provided by Select EUROPE include how to start a business within the EU, what funding is available, employment regulations, social and ecological responsibilities, taxation, accounting regulations and which Economic Zones are the best to locate or expand operations in Europe.

Our Team works one-on-one with companies to provide the required information and link companies with partners and resources to help them succeed. Select EUROPE investment specialists also help companies to identify the right investment options. We do that through analysing a wide range of data, starting from the overall economic situation and investment trends, through industry overviews and information about consumers, the workforce, supply chains.

At the same time Family Offices from countries outside the EU are welcome to establish their headquarter in Europe.

Furthermore, Select EUROPE Investment Summit is a convenient and cost-effective way for business investors to meet state, regional, and local economic development representatives from across Europe under one roof.

Select EUROPE as your next touristic destination, find out more on the different possibilities for spending your vacation in Europe and let yourself get inspired by various European Tourism Promotion Agencies.

Select EUROPE for working and living

Europe needs more professionals and experts from third countries and we at Select EUROPE are offering the opportunity to attract skilled workforce from countries outside the EU to improve the demographic situation in Europe and, through that, keep the economy stable.

The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached in May 2021 by the European Parliament and the Council on new rules for the entry and residence of highly skilled professionals from outside the EU under therevised Blue Card Directive. The new scheme introduces efficient rules for attracting highly skilled workers to the EU, including more flexible admission conditions, enhanced rights and the possibility to move and work more easily between EU Member States. Agreement on the revised Blue Card is a key objective of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum.


  • Future of European Regions
  • Showcasing investment opportunities in the European Regions
  • The level of FDI within the EU now and in the outlook
  • Promotion and Introduction of Economic Zones
  • Investing in and for the next generation
  • Climate incentives within EU partnering for global sustainability
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainable development
  • The future of European Smart Cities
  • Startup fundraising and financing
  • What to do and how to attract highly trained professionals to European Union!
  • Migration and integration - the connection between education, migration and sustainable development

Exhibiting Options & Costs

Exhibitors can choose to purchase space only and build their own bespoke stand or take one of our Luxury Shell Scheme packages which includes; carpet, walls, fascia signage,wall banner and power.

Visitor/Delegate BADGES

Delegate badges can be purchased at €650 plus 19% tax each. An additional surcharge of € 50 is applicable for badges ordered on-site at Select Europe


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14 september 2023


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15 september 2023

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